Indemnitor Obligations PDF Print E-mail

By cosigning a bail bond one inherits a certain responsibility for the accused person they are cosigning for. In most cases the cosigner of a bail bond is our first point of contact if we need to get in touch with a defendant for instance if they miss court or their phone number is no longer valid.


Indemnitor (co-signer) Must:

  • Make sure the defendant appears at all other subsequent court dates or that their private attorney will be appearing on their behalf.
  • Be able to easily contact and know the whereabouts of the defendant at all times.
  • Assist the bail bond agent in finding the defendant if they fail to appear at one of their court dates.
  • Pay the bail bond agent's expenses of finding the defendant if they miss a court appearance and are not able to be easily found.
  • Pay the full amount of the bond if the defendant cannot be found and returned to court.
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